Wedding Still To Do

I can understand now why wedding TV shows film the last week or two before the wedding. That's when the stress is really happening as everything starts to come together. We are four weeks out now and so all the things that I waited to do have to get done now!The time has really flown by.Already Done-Venue in place-Menu decided-Decor selected-Contract with videographer-Photographer selected-Wedding outfits purchased-Wedding jewelry purchased-Invitations … [Read more...]

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The Truth About Wedding Planning

Actually, the truth is, the experience is different for everyone. We all have different ideas about what we want our wedding day to be like and different relationships with the key players who will make it happen.So here is my real experience of wedding planning:Stress? No, not really.All you ever hear about is how stressful it is to plan a wedding. Perhaps it's because I'm not detail oriented and I really focus on big picture in almost every aspect of my life, but I haven't found it … [Read more...]

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Your Choice: Christian or Jewish

I love that we've picked an all in one caterer/venue/planner for our wedding. It makes the whole thing a lot simpler to plan. I can just rely on them to fill in a lot of the details!Of course they are used to producing standard, cookie-cutter, western weddings and ours is anything but! You get a choice of the color of your table cloths, but they aren't really prepared for changes bigger than that.Our site has a lovely online planning portal to help you organize the details of your day. … [Read more...]

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The Wedding Dress

The dress may just be the best part of the wedding. Okay, that and the being married to the sweetest, kindest man in the world once it's done.I knew that there were a couple different directions I could go with the dress. As part of the east/west blend, I could do an Indian style dress in white. But I don't really have any desire to wear white and red looks excellent on me. I can envision my wedding pictures with me in a deep red dress.So, choice one was settled:Choice two was … [Read more...]

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Wedding Hair

Strangely enough, one of the biggest questions for me about my wedding is how I want to wear my hair.I love, love, love my hair in a way that freaks some people out. I am very careful with it and work hard at growing it long (how is that work? Oh, you have no idea the "lengths" I go to!)So this is a day when I really want to show off its length.This is the most recent length shot I could find, but it is actually a year out of date and my hair is three inches longer now and grazes the … [Read more...]

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Wedding Inspiration

Time to get started on wedding planning for my interfaith/intercultural Hindu and Scottish wedding! It's going to be... interesting.The first step, I think, is to get inspiration and ideas. To see how my thoughts can integrate into a cohesive whole.Here are a few great finds from the comments on my wedding announcement post of non-Indian Hindu weddings! I said I hadn't ever seen a Hindu wedding where neither the bride nor the groom was non-Indian and our friends pipped up with a couple … [Read more...]

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