Wedding Cake!

I'm surprisingly excited about having a wedding cake. It has never been in my plan just because it seemed like an unnecessary expense, yet given the opportunity to get one, I am totally thrilled!It seems like one of those quintessential wedding experiences.Brad's friend, Kee, at GotteGris Bakery, is creating our cake and she's going to Hindu theme it!Maybe like one of these cakes that I think I saw on Pinterest (Also, I have a Wedding Pinterest board and it's got a lot of cool things … [Read more...]

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Wedding: Blending Ceremony Elements

On a lot of the wedding sites I like to read I hear complaints that it's hard to find examples of blended Hindu ceremonies or really any interfaith ceremonies. It can be hard to get inspiration and figure out how to integrate your wedding into a cohesive whole when you are planning an interfaith or intercultural ceremony.For me personally, I always saw a wedding ceremony as the blank canvas, or maybe a new iPhone. You just add in your widgets or apps where ever you want. Each element of a … [Read more...]

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