Ambaa Gets Married Again: Vedic Wedding Ceremony

Brad and I had a great, though brief, trip to Massachusetts for our Vedic wedding ceremony. (See the previous post for details of our larger intercultural ceremony)It started with a wonderful airport experience. We flew JetBlue and I think that was my first time with them, but it was very nice. I can see why they are known for customer service. Even making the announcements they used as an opportunity to be cheeky and just...human. Plus they gave us cookies and chips as snacks (even though … [Read more...]

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Lessons Learned From My Parents’ Marriage

I've been reading with interest a bit of a debate going on around Huffington Post Weddings about whether or not marriage is hard work. Some people are getting tired of hearing that oft-touted wisdom about relationships taking lots of work. My relationship thus far has been so easy and simple and loving that it's difficult for me to imagine what this work people talk about must be. But then I'm not even married yet, so my thoughts are not valid. As the comments suggest, neither is the opinion of … [Read more...]

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