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Because there are some new readers I wanted to highlight a few of the posts that I'm most proud of. I know there's a ton of material here since I write a LOT, so this may help you sort through the chaos a bit...How To Explain HinduismReincarnation: The Truth About Past Lives and More Myths About ReincarnationWhat Makes Me A Hindu? And Why I Am A HinduBeware GurusKrishna is a Myth; Jesus is a MythCan I Convert to Hinduism?Your First Visit To A Hindu TempleNo, I Am N … [Read more...]

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Reading the Upanishads: Katha part four

We are doing a scripture study together: reading along through some scriptures and discussing the passages. Today is the fourth post of my favorite Upanishad: The Katha. This is the story of a boy who chatted with the God of death.Part Two 10 Yama said: I know that the treasure resulting from action is not eternal; for what is eternal cannot be obtained by the non—eternal. Yet I have performed the Nachiketa sacrifice with th … [Read more...]

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Collecting Golu Dolls

My mom and my dad's sisters collect Christmas figurines.  Manger scene figures to create Christmas scenes in December. It can be nice for adult sisters and sister-in-laws to have collectibles that make for easy gifts. Relatives who aren't too sure what you might want, know they can always get you a new figure for your tableaux.The figurines expand well beyond the traditional baby in a manger with parents and some angels and wise men. There are whole houses and villagers and farmers and … [Read more...]

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Top Posts of September

What were people enjoying last month? Google Analytics has the answer! Hinduism 101: What Do Hindus Believe I don't know why it took me so long to put something like this together. It's easy for me to forget that there's lots of new people who are just starting to wonder about the very basics of Hinduism and there's not a lot of easy to digest information out there. People are searching to know what Hinduism is and they want to start with the real, real basics. I discovered this when a … [Read more...]

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Welcome, Goddesses! Happy Navratri!

October 5th begins nine days of celebrating the Hindu Goddesses as forms of Shakti, the divine feminine energy. Durga (Day 1-3) Durga is a warrior Goddess. She rides a lion or a tiger and she wears bright red. On each day she is also honored in one of her different forms: Kumari, Parvati and Kali. They represent the three different types of femininity: child, young woman, and adult woman. Lakshmi (Day 4-6) Lakshmi (Laxmi) is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. She rides an owl and dresses i … [Read more...]

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Hinduism 101: What do Hindus Believe?

I've been perusing through Yahoo answers and it seems like every page or so someone is asking "What do Hindus believe?" Quite an enormous question!I tried to find a post of mine to direct the questioners to, but found nothing. It seems I have not done a broad overview post for those entirely unfamiliar with Hinduism.So here it is: the big overview...  What is Hinduism and What Do Hindus Believe First of all, Hinduism is a word that is used to refer to a vast variety of people and … [Read more...]

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