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Every once in a while I like to do a post of links to my previous articles because there's a lot of new people who find me through search engines or recommendations and most, I think, are interested in some very specific issues of being a non-Indian Hindu. So rather than have you get lost in day-to-day posts, here are some links to the posts that best explain me and the way I feel about being a convert to Hinduism:My own personal favorite post is How To Explain Hinduism, a guide to dealing … [Read more...]

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Why Do Hindu Beliefs Vary Widely? [Google Questions Answered]

Curious to know what people were wondering about Hindus and Hinduism, I went to Google and entered some prompts. For example, I typed "Why do Hindus" and then paused to see what questions would come up. Today's Question is...Why Do Hindu Beliefs Vary Widely?Many religions have a clear history that's easy to trace. Many are founded by one person or inspired by one person. Hinduism is not like that.In ancient times there were simply beliefs and practices. The people in what is now … [Read more...]

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What Makes Me A Hindu?

This question is the very core of this blog.There are plenty of hippy Americans who practice "alternative spirituality" and use labels like that and others. Why do I think that I'm not just "a spiritual person" but actually a Hindu?What makes someone a Hindu?There is actually very little agreement on that question. I'm not even worried right now about what makes someone a good Hindu!I asked this question on my Facebook page once and I got a wide variety of answers.Someone … [Read more...]

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