Can Good Karma Protect Us From Tragedy?

It has probably always been in human nature to find strategies to prevent bad things from happening to us. Our brains seem wired for superstition. It can quickly become wired to connect two unrelated things like winning a baseball game with wearing certain socks. Those things can't be connected and yet the brain can form a connection as part of this instinct to shield us from anything bad.I think it's easy to fall into that trap when thinking about karma and how it works. I think our brains … [Read more...]

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Is There Evil?

The other enormous question that religion is responsible for helping us with is what to make of the "evil" that we see in the world.  Why do bad things happen? Not just to good people but to any people.I was thinking about this because of the recent school shooting here in the states. It seems like every few months we're hearing about another case of someone shooting into crowds of students. And our minds boggle to try to understand how such a thing can happen even once, let alone every few … [Read more...]

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