India’s Daughter, My Reaction

It took me some time to think about how I feel about this film India's Daughter so I'm late to the discussion. Having thought it through, here is my reaction... Number one, it frustrates me a lot that programs like this make it sound like India is this horrible "other" place where terrible things happen to women all the time. It gives the west a terrible impression of India and makes many westerners feel justified in looking down on India and Indians.I've said it before, just as the p … [Read more...]

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Women in Society: The World Before Her

Netflix recommended this documentary to me about beauty contests in India: The World Before Her.It juxtaposes girls in India getting ready for a beauty pageant against girls going to a camp for conservative Hindus and how these different groups view women and beauty differently.It's powerful. It brought up a lot of emotions and thoughts for me.To start with, the people at the conservative camp suggested that the idea that men and women are equals is a western one.I think that … [Read more...]

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Safety in India

Today I want to talk about this article I saw on Twitter over the weekend: India and A Blonde Tourist.Lately there have been some scary articles about how dangerous it is to be a female tourist in India. This article is a wonderful counterpoint to that, speaking for the many female tourists who have a wonderful and safe time in India.She makes some wonderful points, including that in many cases the expectation you have going in is going to inform your experience.A while back there … [Read more...]

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