Others From My Background Aren’t Hindu

Ever since I discovered authentic Hindu practice I immediately felt that it was what I had always been. All the Indian philosophy in my upbringing came directly from this. How could I not immediately identify as Hindu?Yet it has always surprised me that I haven't met anyone else from the organization I grew up in who did the same.As far as I know I might be the only one who went back to the source of what we were taught. I've always been mystified by that. But during this trip I got … [Read more...]

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Finding a Community

I'm all about planning ahead. I like to have a project to work on. My fiance says it's in my astrological nature.So as I plan my wedding, I'm also definitely thinking about the step that comes next: having kids. We really want to start a family right away.As we start to prepare and think about bringing a child into our family, the biggest concern to me is having a Hindu community around us. I want other people in my children's lives giving them Hindu ideas and beliefs. I don't want it to … [Read more...]

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