When You’re Feeling Stuck in the Past…

“Paul tells us this life is like a race…We cannot run our race if we are weighted down by our past. My anger over my losses was like a millstone around my neck. It slowed me to a standstill, especially as I grew older. It was only through yielding and looking ahead that the ropes on which those millstones hung were severed. Finally I was free. How I wish I had made these choices earlier…[God is] not intimidated or limited by our prison walls. We might be, but He’s not. He marches right into the prison cells of life and says, ‘Even in the confines of this dreary dungeon, my plan for you life will go forward. There’s no looking back. I will accomplish my good work in you’…Put the past to rest; look forward; dream big dreams; go for the gold. Run to win, even when chains are clanking behind you.

~Jean Lush, from Women and Stress

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