Is the Fear of Throwing Up Ruining Your Life?

I hate throwing up more than anything in the world. It's hands-down my biggest fear, something I have long battled.And I'm not alone, it appears. Last week my daughter sent me a link to an article that said the secret to not throwing up was drinking lots of grape juice. The enlightening part of the article was not the grape juice part (although, believe me, I tucked that gem away), but the comments following. Woman after woman confessed that they, like the author of the article, also had a … [Read more...]

Something To Remember

"Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children."  ~William Thackeray (Photo credit to June Etta Photography) … [Read more...]

Book Bytes–Bel Canto

 "He had not left, he had barely started to turn away from the house when Roxane Coss closed her eyes and opened her mouth. In retrospect, it was a risky thing to do, both from the perspective of General Alfrado, who might have seen it as an act of insurrection, and from the care of the instrument of the voice itself. She had not sung in two weeks, nor did she go through a single scale to warm up. Roxane Coss, wearing Mrs. Iglesias's slacks and a white dress shirt belonging to the Vice … [Read more...]

The Mommy Blogger’s Dilemma

 The author's beloved, yet all too often, ignored, family *** At a recent party, I was introduced as a mommy blogger which prompted one attendee to relate the story of a mommy blogger of her acquaintance. This blogger, apparently had ten children and was a real posting dynamo, never missing a day. "Of course, in her last post, she mentioned that while she was writing her last post, one son broke his leg and one sustained serious burns while trying to cook some mac and cheese." Ah, the … [Read more...]

Love Changes Everything

“You may be exhausted with work, you may even kill yourself, but unless your work is interwoven with love, it is useless.  To work without love is slavery.” ~Mother Teresa (One of my favorite dear friend, Mary, loving on Coop. She is constant grace in my life. Check our her blog here!) … [Read more...]

Book Byte–A Year in Provence

"It is at a time like this, when crisis threatens the stomach, that the French display the most sympathetic side of their nature. Tell them stories of physical injury or financial ruin and they will either laugh or commiserate politely. But tell them you are facing gastronomic hardship, and they will move heaven and earth and even restaurant tables to help you." ~Peter Mayle, A Year in Provence (A raspberry-and-cream treat that tasted as good as it looks. Vive le puff pastry!) … [Read more...]