When Your Soul is Parched

If you’re considering fulfilling your lifelong dream of visiting Kansas, this isn’t the month to do it. So far we’ve had over thirty days of triple digit temps, making residents wonder if we’re up for another summer like year where we had more than sixty days over 100 degrees and broke every weather record in Kansas books. It’s hot, folks. Even the dogs won’t go outside. Droughts don’t just happen in Kansas, though. They also happen in souls (as I wrote about here). Having suffered through a cou … [Read more...]

Soul Drought

When it's as dry and miserable outside as it's been lately, the temptation is to close the curtains, stay inside, and drink more. The same temptation hits when the dryness and misery are on the inside.Hurting people, those I know anyway, don't usually fling open the shutters of their pain so that passersby can get a good look and perhaps drop in for a long chat and a cold Coke. More likely, the wounded hammer boards across their windows, in hopes no one will even attempt to knock.It's … [Read more...]

A Rare Afternoon With Boo

He sits on the couch frog-legged, little boy feet pressed together, Harold and the Purple Crayon settling on summer-brown legs. His hair is too long because his mother wants him to go to school with a fresh haircut and it's not yet time and his brow furrows over words like 'circus' and 'witch.' A scab where he scraped a toe in the swimming pool last night, bleached blond leg hairs, an overnight-too-small shirt on his boy body...He wiggles while 'reading,' which is a subjective term when you are … [Read more...]

My Real Hatfield and McCoy Story

(Forgive me in advance for the length of this post. I cannot do this subject justice in 500 words). Previous to last night's viewing of the HBO miniseries, The Hatfields and the McCoys, (which is now out on DVD) I knew nothing of their particular history. I am, however, intimately acquainted with a feud of my own. One broke out in our family almost ten years ago. I remember the date well because the baby I bore just days before the feud started is now on the cusp of ten years old.A decade … [Read more...]

The Wise Man Built His House Upon the…Sand?

When Maryalice and her husband rebuilt their house, they did it differently than before. They built their original home, located on a peninsula that juts deep into Biloxi Bay, on a concrete slab where it nestled nice and snug on a sandy patch, conveniently located for optimal flooding.Thirty-six years and a great boot stomp later, they're doing it differently the second time around.Steel pilings raise the house to the government required height and plunge deep into the ground, beyond … [Read more...]

Before You Lob Your Next Theological Argument, Remember…

“Kindness has converted more people than zeal, science, or eloquence.” --Mother Teresa … [Read more...]