Arousing the Way Seeking Heart


What is the Way Seeking Heart?Sometimes it is referred to as the "thought of enlightenment" and in Sanskrit, bodhicitta (click here for the Wikipedia entry). In Guidelines for Studying the Way, Dogen takes up this issue, saying the various names for the Way Seeking Heart all refer to " and the same mind."The same and one mind. Hmmm.What mind is that?The first piece of reflection in the just-launched Vine of Obstacles: Online Support for Zen Training is about this essential … [Read more...]

Expressing a Dream Within a Dream Audio

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Sweeping Zen Audio now has a couple more talks, "Expressing a Dream in a Dream," from the sesshin at Deep Spring Temple in Pittsburgh last month. Click here.And below is the excerpt from Dogen's "Expressing a Dream in a Dream" (Tanahashi translation) that I was working with:The path of all buddhas and ancestors arises before the first forms emerge; it cannot be spoken of using conventional views. This being so, in the realm of buddha ancestors there is the active power of buddhas going … [Read more...]

Dogen: the Patron Saint of Passive Zen?

dogen in balance

I was pleased this morning as I reviewed the comments to my recent posts about Soto Zen going to hell. Seems like as real a cyber conversation as we've had in these parts. Not everyone agrees, of course, and sometimes feelings flare.One way to frame the disagreement is as a debate between inherent stability and full aliveness. As is often the case these days, Dogen is brought up as a proponent of inherent buddha nature with a slight twist - there is no enlightenment apart from practice and … [Read more...]

Relax, Enter, Add Value: A Sometimes Not-So-Easy Summary of How to Practice Zen


A monk said, "I've just arrived here and I beg the master to point out a gate whereby I may enter."Xuansha said, "Do you hear the sound of the water in the creek?"The monk siad, "I hear it."Xuansha said, "Enter here."There's some superbly simple Zen directions, echoed by Ginny White in The Zen Leader: 10 Ways to go From Barely Managing to Leading Fearlessly: "Relax, enter, add value" is her first Zen flip.We've been working with that here in our practice period.Lot's of … [Read more...]

What is the Withered Tree Way?


This reflection is a follow up to James Ford's post a little while back, Jiufeng Does Not Approve: A Brief Meditation.I've been chewing on this old case for twenty years or so - an important pointer in my ongoing search for what Dogen calls the wondrous method of practice-enlightenment (aka, shikantaza).Katagiri Roshi would often say that there are only a few people who really know this wondrous method. I took that to heart and launched a pilgrimage that has been dragging on for … [Read more...]

The Red Flesh Ball of a Decayed Tree


As I may have mentioned, in our Monday Night Dogen Study we've been working through the Thirty-Seven Factors of Enlightenment (click here for the list).Here's Dogen's explanation of mindfulness - something that appears five times on the list."The root of mindfulness is the red flesh ball of a decayed tree."This fascicle of the Shobogenzo is one of the most difficult in the whole collection and Dogen's comments on the Five Faculties and Five Powers, the source of the above line, are … [Read more...]

Dogen Zen and Vinegar


A couple days ago at work I was cleaning the coffee maker in my office by running vinegar through it. After the first person came in and said, "Wow, that smell brings me back. I'm in my grandmother's kitchen in Louisiana in 1960 and she's cooking greens," I began to ask each passing guest what they were reminded of by the smell.One person said, "I'm thinking of my dad on a hot summer day while we were growing up. He always used vinegar to treat sunburn."Another said, "Smells like taking … [Read more...]

What is Enlightenment and What does It Matter Anyway?


"When perceiving one side, the other side is concealed."So says old Dogen in his Genjokoan (translated variously but by Heine's work cited below as Spontaneous Realization of Zen Enlightenment).This little gem is quite a fulcrum for understanding dharma practice and making it real or as Dogen puts it in "Bendowa,""The endeavor to negotiate the way as I teach now, consists in discerning all things in view of enlightenment, putting a unitive awareness into practice in the midst of the … [Read more...]