Expressing a Dream Within a Dream Audio

Sweeping Zen Audio now has a couple more talks, "Expressing a Dream in a Dream," from the sesshin at Deep Spring Temple in Pittsburgh last month. Click here.And below is the excerpt from Dogen's "Expressing a Dream in a Dream" (Tanahashi translation) that I was working with:The path of all buddhas and ancestors arises before the first forms emerge; it cannot be spoken of using conventional views. This being so, in the realm of buddha ancestors there is the active power of buddhas going … [Read more...]

The Last Word On Dream Interpretation

What do dreams mean? Especially those dreams that haunt, that can't be shaken off with a cup of coffee and a traffic jam.First a caution. True Zen practice is exclusively about clarifying the Great Matter of birth and death. Other pursuits not directly in the service of this purpose are, at best, interesting and benign distractions.You might be able to know past lives through dream interpretation, for example, but from where I sit, it looks like wandering on the byways of spiritual … [Read more...]