What is Refuge?

"Taking Refuge in Evil Buddhas?"What you say?In my last post, I discussed this odd practice based on a talk that Jiryu gave a Green Gulch last month. Talking about refuge in evil Buddhas online and here at Wild Fox, sounds like one of the catches is about "refuge" - what is it?Very nice question, worthy of sitting calmly and contemplating so I won't get all preachy here. This is just a little post with a bit about the meaning of the word "refuge," a place of safety.The phrase in … [Read more...]

On Taking Refuge in Evil Buddhas

In a recent fine talk,  Absolute Refuge, Jiryu Mark Rutschman Byler shares the practice of taking refuge in evil Buddhas. We had a lively conversation about this during our last Monday night Dogen study here. Turns out it's a theme that riles some folks up.Gentle Jiryu's riling talk, by the way, is one of the audio dharma talks that we'll use in the Vine of Obstacles: Online Support for Zen Training.Jiryu has studied an old Buddhist school in China, the Three Stages Sect, who seem to … [Read more...]