What About the Children?

Patheos issued a great writing prompt last year; how do we pass on our faith to our children? As half of an interfaith marriage, both members of minority religious communities, let me take this opportunity to express how insanely LOADED this question usually is. I have heard this question a hundred times, each colored with its own preexisting assumptions. More often than not when somebody close to me asks this question, it's more important to address the question they're NOT asking.When my … [Read more...]

The Value of Sacred Language

codex regius

I've been married now for almost a year, and my wife and I have been together for nearly three. During that time I've gotten to know the local Jewish community fairly well, and (being the Rabbi's son-in-law) I've gotten a unique kind of “behind the scenes” look at how Synagogues and the general community function. One of the biggest internal cultural movements I've noticed in modern Judaism is this drive to reclaim Hebrew as a sacred language and encourage everyone in the community to learn it. T … [Read more...]

The Pagan Elephant

My House

A Heathen, a Jew, and a Baptist walk into bar...As many awesome jokes as I'm sure can come from that intro, believe it or not, this is the story of my life. I am a practicing Heathen who loves to pore over the Eddas and the Sagas, as well as being an active Rune reader. My wife is a devout Jew, who hopes to someday become a Reconstructionist Rabbi. Our roommate is a conservative Baptist, who is known for going to church/ church functions multiple times a week. Welcome to my household, my … [Read more...]

A Multicultural Maelstrom: A.K.A. – Christmas at the Folmers’

wrapping paper

I never quite realized how extraordinarily unusual my family really was until after I moved away from home. Every single adult member of our household is of a different religion, which makes for some really interesting writing material. On a couple of occasions I've tried to describe the family dynamic, and one question I get asked fairly frequently is how we handle holidays. So how do a Heathen, a Jew, a New Age Hindu, a Mormon, a Pagan, and a young Agnostic celebrate Christmas? Oddly, it's … [Read more...]