When Tolerance Is Unacceptable


You have two kinds of people in interfaith, says my friend Jack. Some people join up because they want to prove to everyone else that their religion is valid. The rest of us are interfaith junkies; we really love the whole scene, however quirky it may at times seem. I do take seriously my role in the first category because somebody has to stand up for Paganism. Whether I like it or not, people will judge me based on the only satanic-panic speaker they heard one time, so I might as well put my … [Read more...]

The “Faith” aspect of Interfaith

The “Faith” aspect of InterfaithAt a recent interfaith board meeting, we were discussing the finer points of what it means to do interfaith work, most specifically, how do we as individuals and interfaith spokespersons reach out to the newly arrived group that call themselves Spiritual, But Not Religious (SBNR). To me, it was fairly obvious that we continue to do as we have done with other faith communities:  provide educational information about all the religions/faiths/non-faiths that are i … [Read more...]