Separation of religion and medicine?

Religion in the sick room

 Last Friday I was sitting at the local urgent care type facility, waiting for the doc to come back with confirmation that my partner had the flu. I had finished catching up on all my emails (thanks to technology and a really smart phone). I immediately became bored (I try to not play games on my phone), and began perusing the sick room we were in. My girl was on the bed cot sleeping while we waited, and having looked through the many pamphlets on the wall, I turned to look at the … [Read more...]

Journeys: A Monthly Interfaith Breakfast

Wild Garden: Pagans in the Growing Interfaith Landscape

“Interfaith Winston-Salem is an all-volunteer educational group that brings together members of many faith traditions – religious and non-religious – to gain a greater understanding of and respect for each other’s traditions.” For a local community group, IF-WS has had a pretty good response in attendance of the various educational activities, least of all, our monthly gathering of an Interfaith Breakfast.  The first Sunday of each month, about 30 or so of us gathers at 8am to listen to the month … [Read more...]