A Multicultural Maelstrom: A.K.A. – Christmas at the Folmers’

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I never quite realized how extraordinarily unusual my family really was until after I moved away from home. Every single adult member of our household is of a different religion, which makes for some really interesting writing material. On a couple of occasions I've tried to describe the family dynamic, and one question I get asked fairly frequently is how we handle holidays. So how do a Heathen, a Jew, a New Age Hindu, a Mormon, a Pagan, and a young Agnostic celebrate Christmas? Oddly, it's … [Read more...]

Winter Holidays, Interfaith Memories


My childhood memories of the Winter holidays are a combination of Chanukah and Christmas.  My father's family is Jewish while my mother's is Christian, and despite the fact that my mother converted to Judaism prior to my birth, we still celebrated Christmas -- at least secular, family-based, gift-giving side of the holiday -- with her side of the family. Christmas Memories I have two pretty distinct memories of Christmas as a child.  One year, I was so excited I leaped into bed at my mother's m … [Read more...]