Cherry Hill Seminary Stands Behind Student Embroiled in Controversy

Cherry Hill Seminary supports Carol and her husband Blake as they are pulled into public scrutiny by the viral effect of online media. We know Carol to be an exemplary student with an honorable record of military service, nursing and service to their communities. We encourage reasoned dialogue among all parties involved locally. We also admonish the Huntsville City Council to refrain from inappropriate discrimination, and also to recognize the diversity represented by their one in four citizens who do not identify as Christian, understanding the strength and beauty which that diversity brings to the region. [Read more…]

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My Long Strange Journey to the World of Interfaith

Sadly, the greatest resistance that I have encountered in doing interfaith chaplaincy has not come from my fellow chaplains or even from the administration of the hospital. When I spoke of my work at a Pagan coffee here in Huntsville many of my fellow Pagans were appalled that I would even attempt to work with “those Christians.” [Read more…]

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