Journey to Ithaca: Remembering Dr. Hal French

I was one of many students who recognized in Hal a guiding spirit. I turned to him for reflection and advice as I came to the end of both my college years and a troubled marriage. Like all gifted teachers, he asked more questions than he gave information, understanding the Socratic process by which we may discover our own wise depths. His peaceful calm and gentle sense of humor were a kind of sanctuary amidst the world’s intensities. [Read more…]

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Interfaith and the U.S. Armed Forces

The military as an example of daily interfaith relations? Never having been a soldier, it had not occurred to me, but that’s one of the things I heard at a remarkable meeting this week at the U.S. Armed Forces Chaplains School and Center, here in Columbia, S.C., at Fort Jackson. The Chaplains School was hosting the annual meeting of Interfaith Partners of S.C., and “host” would be an understatement for the outstanding experience they provided. [Read more…]

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