Community Pilgrimage – Sharing Our Faiths


For our ancient ancestors having a fear of that which is “different” was a survival trait that kept them alive.  And this deeply engrained trait has remained active throughout human history into the present time.  However, it is now more of a problem than it is a help in promoting peace and understanding amongst groups of peoples. One area in which this fear of the “different” has remained strong is the realm of religion.  And this fear has led to violence, open warfare, and even genocide, not i … [Read more...]

Pre-Ramadan Dinner With Friends


My invitation came by email, though I wasn’t sure from whom.  I pinged a Muslim friend and learned she was going to attend so I turned in my rsvp, “yes.”  But what was a Pre-Ramadan dinner?  Should I wear a veil?  Would I have to take my shoes off? Would the program be long and boring?  Would we have to wait until sundown to eat – oh no, thank goodness Ramadan did not start until the following morning.The event turns out to have been a program of the S.C. Dialogue Foundation who are primarily … [Read more...]