Cynicism, Solidarity & Communitas


Do Pagans have a basic misunderstanding of what is meant by the term “interfaith”?Comments to a recent Wild Hunt blog were disturbingly juxtaposed with evening news reports of horrible sectarian violence in the Middle East. A sampling:“Interfaith work is often just another way for other people to try and convert us” “No thank you. Pagans need to focus on Pagans and leave others to do their thing.” “I'm sure at those meetings it's rainbows and butterflies. When the rubber hits the road t … [Read more...]

Them and Us Part III: Common Ground


Oppositional culture. I was very struck by this phrase when I first ran across it years ago in Sabina Magliocco’s Witching Culture: Folklore and Neo-Paganism in America (an excellent read, by the way). It’s a term that’s used in education, but here I recognize it as an apt label for a rut that often trips up us Pagans. We define ourselves as what we are not, grasping for ways to articulate who we are while  simultaneously over-anxious to distance ourselves from that which makes us skittish - most … [Read more...]