Why Interfaith? Why Now??


 Let us ask ourselves, why is interfaith work important?  Why should we bother trying to understand the religious and spiritual viewpoints of others?  Is it worth the struggle to find common ground when everyone else seems to cling to the idea that they possess the one truth about the nature of the Divine?  I believe it is not only important on a local level but also vital on a world level if we are ever to achieve a state of peace that holds out the promise of our very survival on this … [Read more...]

We Don’t Have a Golden Rule…and yet…

Years ago, when I was in a Cooperation Circle of the United Religions Initiative, there was an interfaith-y poster of how religions across the spectrum of spirituality had their own version of The Golden Rule--Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You. There were very similar mottos from lots of different creeds but my spiritual tradition doesn't have a thing like that, not really. We harken back to the ancient laws of hospitality and that could sort of pass.But not really.We spend … [Read more...]

Journeys: A Monthly Interfaith Breakfast

Wild Garden: Pagans in the Growing Interfaith Landscape

“Interfaith Winston-Salem is an all-volunteer educational group that brings together members of many faith traditions – religious and non-religious – to gain a greater understanding of and respect for each other’s traditions.” For a local community group, IF-WS has had a pretty good response in attendance of the various educational activities, least of all, our monthly gathering of an Interfaith Breakfast.  The first Sunday of each month, about 30 or so of us gathers at 8am to listen to the month … [Read more...]

Brambles, lilies and berries of interfaith

GatheringofFaiths2013 020

Come take a walk with me through the garden. It’s a little wild. There are brambles down by the creek, weeds between the stones of the walkway, some things I don’t remember planting, but they look very nice, so I’m watching to see what they do. Of course, later this summer, the brambles will be full of merlot-dark blackberries. Some of the weeds will be dried to use in my cooking. And the lilies and roses are bursting with bloom this year - gotta love the show-offs in the garden. In the shade of … [Read more...]