The Problem with Proselytization

Assimilation is not just something that happens in Star Trek.

I wrote some time back about how it is imperative for me to be courteous to those who come to my door. This is part of my upbringing as well as a moral obligation stemming from my religious convictions. By and large, I see proselytization efforts as futile and mostly harmless, but the practice has certain assumptions at its core that can lead to behaviors and attitudes that can be quite harmful to those of us in the minority. The assumptions are as follows:There is one true way. Because … [Read more...]

Is ALL Proselytizing UNethical and immoral?

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Two months ago I wrote a bit about Evangelism, touching on the tenets of reality in so much that Evangelism is what you make of it.  Well, today I want to touch on the slim facet of reality called Proselytism. John Morehead of Religious Diplomacy shared an article from Sacred Tribes Journal (Vol 8, No 1, Fall 2013) of which Elmer Thiessen was interviewed on his book, The Ethics of Evangelism published by InterVarsity Press, wondering if it might serve as some kind of topic generator.  After sk … [Read more...]