Commonality of Humanity

It’s amazing sometimes to sit with a retired minister of (choose your abrahamic faith). All these years I was under the impression that they had their act together – that they had all the answers and knew what life was all about. My eyebrows are raised in stock shock to recognize the complete opposite.I have learned that these ex-ministers that I now call friend are just as human as I am.  It makes me wonder though, if my new-found surprise is merely for the fact that I've yet had the oppo … [Read more...]

What 2013 meant to me in terms of pagan interfaith

Who would have imagined twenty years ago the many different heads of religion would gather together, conspiring how to build HOPE?

Growing up with a mom that is a Trekkie, believes that aliens exist, and scours the film industry for anything sci-fi, she once told me that a life dream of hers was to take a trip to the moon before she died.  I hope she can.  She’s still got some time left to achieve this dream.I listened to her for years about things that may have seemed impossible to the wary, building within myself my own desire for a dream to be achieved before I die.  It’s a simple one. At least, it is to me, anyway.  … [Read more...]