2013 Interfaith Thanksgiving Service


I attended Winston-Salem’s annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service the Sunday before Thanksgiving this year.  Normally it occurs on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, but apparently the consensus felt that were it to happen on a Sunday, more parishioners would be present, as most would not be traveling for the holiday.  It seemed the idea was a good one, as about 250 of Winston-Salem’s finest turned out for the occasion.Last year was my first time going to such an event.  I remember that I w … [Read more...]

Interfaith experience within the ‘same’ faith…

Winston-Salem City Council "Compassionate City Resolution" vote

This Thursday’s blog is about a recent experience an interfaith colleague of mine had during a radio talk show interview.  Jerry McLeese is the chairperson of Interfaith Winston-Salem, and a good friend of mine. Jerry is not your average Christian. When I asked Jerry what flavor of Christianity he would use to define his religious/spiritual beliefs, this is how he responded:“I dislike labels and would not claim one for myself.  Some friends would call me a liberal Christian.  Others have told … [Read more...]

Interfaith work from a Pagan perspective

Wild Garden: Pagans in the Growing Interfaith Landscape

Last Tuesday night I sat with a group of people that I have come to respect and admire.  You see, the third Tuesday is our monthly meeting we like to call “Interfaith Contemplatives.”  The intent of this gathering is to offer the citizens of Winston-Salem the opportunity to sit with people of different faiths for 30 minutes of silence.  Afterwards, should one feel called to do so (and most of us typically do feel so called), we share any reflections that came up for us during the silenc … [Read more...]