Three Things that Will Change for Wild Goose Festival 2012 – Gareth Higgins

While we’re aiming that the lineup of speakers and performers will be second to none, we really do believe that the vision of the festival of creating an intersection between justice, spirituality, and art, transcends who might appear publicly on a stage. We want to collapse hierarchies between public figures and audience members in order to create [Read More…]

The Goose on Today’s Most Burning Issues – Gareth Higgins

“What does Wild Goose think about [issue/movement/idea} XYZ..?” People ask this all the time. It’s a valid question, and the answer(s) aren’t so simple.  For one thing, we’re just getting started and while we hope to build a better festival each year – we never went into this thinking that we had all the answers.  In fact, for most of [Read More…]

Living “Relational Ecclesiology” – Tony Jones

Moltmann introduces the phrase “relational ecclesiology” early in The Church in the Power of the Spirit.  He writes that “no ecclesiology can stand on its own feet.  The doctrine of the church must, as it were, evolve of itself from christology and eschatology, that is, from insight into the trinitarian history of God’s dealings with [Read More…]