Dancing in the Streets! – Ian Cron

My alarm clock randomly selected the Martha and the Vandellas song Dancing in the Streets to wake me at 5:00am this morning. My first two thoughts of the day were that the sound of the snare drum on that song is supernaturally amazing, and secondly, the Wild Goose Festival is only 43 days away! I [Read More…]

Reconciliation in a Post-Religious Right World: Mike Morrell on Day1

Last week I had the privilege of sharing about the Wild Goose Festival with a wide variety of people in the Atlanta area: Punk Torah, Metro Atlanta Emergence, a KSU professor, and Day1, a nationally syndicated radio show and talk show serving mainline churches. I was able to sit in the studio with host Peter Wallace and [Read More…]

Thistle Farms: Women's Social Enterprise takes Prostitutes off the Streets

The Wild Goose Festival is proud to partner with Thistle Farms, a women-run social entrepreneurial endeavor facilitated by Episcopal priest and sex-abuse survivor Becca Stevens in Nashville. Thistle Farms and their Magdalene program form a  comprehensive relational network that restores and rehabilitates prostitutes seeking change. And yet, that’s not all they aim to change: Magdalene was founded not [Read More…]