To Be Known

Wild Goose Partner, George Fox University, has a beautiful invitation to students we wanted to share with you: TO BE KNOWN. It’s the hope each student brings to the educational experience. To be known by name. To be valued, encouraged and uplifted. When students become known at George Fox Seminary, things change. Knowledge moves from [Read More…]

Micah’s Challenge to Our Next President (Guest post by Jason Alfonse Fileta)

When I speak at churches and campuses around the country I’m often met with people eager to break out of the “American dream”, and give away their money to the cause of ending extreme poverty. Don’t get me wrong—I welcome their donations, and celebrate this response, but I long to see the day when folks [Read More…]

Guest Post From Wild Goose Partner, Burnside Books

Hello there, Wild Goosers! Welcome to Oregon, and the best summer in the United States.* We here at Burnside Books can’t tell you how pleased we are that the Wild Goose organizers chose to hold their first West Coast iteration in our backyard. Though, by “backyard”, I suppose I mean “a two-hour drive south”. Corvallis [Read More…]