Revival in the Land – Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

I made my first trip to the Greenbelt Festival in the UK last summer. After years of hearing about how there’s nothing like it in the US, I arrived at the Cheltenham Racecourse where some 20,000 people had set up camp, shop, seminar, pub and church for a four-day weekend. After getting  fish and chips from a food vendor (I was in [Read More…]

Goose Dominoes and the Hope of a Movement – Tony Jones

I so vividly remember the late 1990s.  I was working at a church, a theologically-centrist Congregationalist church in Minnesota.  We had a good staff, but I wanted something more than what I was getting in staff meetings.  I wanted the kind of robust theological discussion that I had gotten in seminary, and that just didn’t [Read More…]

Safe Space for Dangerous Conversations: Faith & Justice in an Age of Wikileaks- Vic Thiessen

“It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” So says Morpheus to Neo in describing The Matrix in the 1999 film of the same name. It’s a line that comes to mind when I hear the various governmental responses to Wikileaks. ‘How dare anyone try to [Read More…]