My Wild Goose Chase – Julie Clawson

I love the use of the Celtic “wild goose” as the symbol of this gathering exploring creativity, justice, and spirituality.  It evokes that other distinctly Celtic idea of peregrinati – journeys or wanderings of an undefined but spiritual nature.  It is the wild goose flying where it will, exploring new territories and discovering new horizons [Read More…]

Hybels, Twiss & Witmer – More Lineup Announced

We’re adding to the growing list of Wild Goose speakers today with three new additions who embody our trinity of themes of justice, spirituality, and art. Lynne Hybels married Bill Hybels in in 1974, back when Bill was still a youth pastor. A year later they started Willow Creek Community Church. Though Lynne had intended [Read More…]

New Wild Goose Website Debuts!

And we have liftoff! This has been a big week in our Wild Goose 2011 countdown, as we met with potential collaborators in North Carolina at the Big Tent Christianity conference.  Interest is building in every area of the festival, from arts and music to children’s spiritual formation to our 2011-2012 justice emphasis…stay tuned! Connect [Read More…]