Musical Moments! – Todd Fadel

A favorite musical moment for me was when black-vest-white-t-shirt-clad Michelle Shocked joined Ric Hordinski’s Saturday night Americana Collaboration for “I’ve Got Some Good News” and did, what I observed as, the most amazing Jagger impression by any living human (including Mick himself).  The other great moment was, for Angie and I (Agents of Future), the [Read More…]

Crafting A Thin Place: Karla Yaconelli

There is a Celtic saying that “heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in the thin places that distance is even smaller.” A “thin place” is where, for a brief time, the separation between heaven and earth dissolves and we are able to glimpse the existence of a world that is beyond what we [Read More…]

Beth Nielsen Chapman Contest!

If you are a ticket holder to the Wildgoose festival and would like a free Master Songwriting 30 minute session with Beth Nielsen Chapman, go to and get a free download for signing up to the mailing list, on the left side of the website. THEN email your song and lyric to: by Wednesday. Make [Read More…]