There is a Fire Inside the Building: Please Step Inside

Friend of Wild Goose, Peter Rollins, has a new book out called Insurrection.  It might just challenge everything we think about faith and the world we inhabit.  Here’s an extract: Each epoch in the life of the Church arises from the white-hot fires of a fundamental question, a question that burns away the husk that [Read More…]

Goose Dominoes and the Hope of a Movement – Tony Jones

I so vividly remember the late 1990s.  I was working at a church, a theologically-centrist Congregationalist church in Minnesota.  We had a good staff, but I wanted something more than what I was getting in staff meetings.  I wanted the kind of robust theological discussion that I had gotten in seminary, and that just didn’t [Read More…]

The Language of Art, Music, Spirituality and Justice – Linda Alvarez

I love that this gathering is described as festival of Justice, Spirituality, Music & Art.  As an attorney, I work in a world where my innate sense of justice daily collides with the system we’ve invented to try and serve Justice.  Thus, I am drawn to this gathering by the inclusion of “Justice” in the [Read More…]