The Transformative Power of Questions – Elissa Elliott

Not too long ago, a family member told me, in hushed sad tones, that he was praying for me.  I wasn’t ill.  I wasn’t going through a tough time.  No, I had simply expressed doubts about a steadfast tenet of Christian faith.  Mind you, I had not said I believed my alternate supposition; I had [Read More…]

Goose Around the Web

In recent weeks we’ve had a flurry of friends of the Festival (trying saying that five times fast!) sharing their Wild Goose anticipations via blog and video. Here’s a taste: We are very aware that it will not be the perfect gathering of people that will solve the entire cadre world’s problems and bring ultimate cosmic [Read More…]

Watch: Derek Webb on the Wild Goose Festival!

Derek Webb wears many hats: Artist, pop theologian, songwriter, agent provocateur. A veteran of the Dove Award-winning, CCM chart-topping band Caedmon’s Call, Derek parted ways for a season in 2003 to chart his own path, releasing a number of albums including Mockingbird, Stockholm Syndrome and Feedback. Spanning genres from rock to folk to electronica and [Read More…]