I’m a Christian! I’m a Christian! – A Reading from ‘Insurrection’ by Peter Rollins

Friend of Wild Goose, Peter Rollins, continues to generate debate and acclaim from his recent release Insurrection. We’re pleased to present this modern-day parable, extracted from it: Every Sunday the pastor would stand at the front of his Church and with a booming voice finish his rousing sermon with a plea: “Each week I go [Read More…]

Living “Relational Ecclesiology” – Tony Jones

Moltmann introduces the phrase “relational ecclesiology” early in The Church in the Power of the Spirit.  He writes that “no ecclesiology can stand on its own feet.  The doctrine of the church must, as it were, evolve of itself from christology and eschatology, that is, from insight into the trinitarian history of God’s dealings with [Read More…]

Wild Goslings: Kids Reflections – Jamie Rye

As the leader of the kids team I am completely humbled and blown away with the success of the first year kids program. It was incredible to not only see the number of kids in attendance but to also work with such a dedicated and hardworking kids team. Each day we were able to watch [Read More…]