The Transformative Power of Questions – Elissa Elliott

Not too long ago, a family member told me, in hushed sad tones, that he was praying for me.  I wasn’t ill.  I wasn’t going through a tough time.  No, I had simply expressed doubts about a steadfast tenet of Christian faith.  Mind you, I had not said I believed my alternate supposition; I had [Read More…]

Playing in the Dirt: Kester Brewin

As a someone who’s spend a lot of time at Greenbelt and other festivals, I’m drawing to thinking about how what Wild Goose is actually going to look like, and feel like. How a site is set up can say a huge amount about the values of an event, whether that be a Presidential inauguration or a weekend camping. So one thing I’m hoping [Read More…]

Naked Emperors, Undead Christians, & Seedling Signs

What does it take to build an authentic and substantial social and spiritual movement in the 21st century? We love it when friends “get” what we’re about, and want to work with us to accomplish precisely this. The Mennonite Weekly Review published a piece about the Wild Goose Festival and our connection with the Greenbelt Festival in [Read More…]