Logan Mehl-Laituri: Born (Again) on the Fourth of July – by Andy Scott

Logan Mehl-Laituri was born on the Fourth of July. Sort of. Laituri, a veteran of the Iraq War, was baptized on July 4, 2006 after becoming convinced that his role as an active participant in military operations with a weapon was incompatible with his understanding of Christianity. On that day, Laituri became someone new, and [Read More…]

Taking Flight at Wild Goose – Cynthia Lagrou

Last year I had the opportunity to produce a collaborative book project – Taking Flight. Contributors include Jimmy Carter, Frank Viola, Vaun Swanson, Linda Mader, and many other wise and thoughtful voices.  When German artist, Stephanie Eatherly, submitted stunning cover art with two wild geese, it was completely unexpected.  A Google search revealed that wild [Read More…]

Cry for Justice – Andy Scott

“Violence Triggered by Arson Attack on Cairo Church.” “Christians Targeted in Iraq.” “Is Islam the Problem?” “Coptic Christian Protesters Block Main Highways in Egyptian Capital.” “Vatican Condemns Killing of Christian Official in Pakistan.” These are just a few examples of international headlines concerning the recent turmoil in the Middle East. As the 24-hour news cycle [Read More…]