Uncommon Ground

As the culture of the Wild Goose Festival unfolds, it’s becoming clear that one of the things we value is uncommon ground. We’re seeking to bring together a diverse community of creative people and idea leaders whose ethos and work does not fit neatly into the Left/Right, evangelical/mainline boxes that our soundbiting media tends to inflict [Read More…]

Playing in the Dirt: Kester Brewin

As a someone who’s spend a lot of time at Greenbelt and other festivals, I’m drawing to thinking about how what Wild Goose is actually going to look like, and feel like. How a site is set up can say a huge amount about the values of an event, whether that be a Presidential inauguration or a weekend camping. So one thing I’m hoping [Read More…]

A Quiet Conspiracy – Tom Sine

I’ve had the delight of participating at Greenbelt five or six times over the past 20 years. I’m so grateful to God that the art, music, spontaneous celebrations and prophetic voices that have characterized the UK’s premier gathering are now coming to the United States. There’s nothing like this justice-art-music-spirituality festival in America. Now is a good time for this event. [Read More…]