David Bazan Confirmed for Wild Goose!

We are thrilled to announce that critically-acclaimed, fan-favorite, and controversial musician David Bazan will be playing the Wild Goose Festival! His appearance will be in the wake of his much-anticipated follow-up release to Curse Your Branches, entitled Strange Negotiations. Bazan joins an already-fantastic music lineup, making Wild Goose one of this summer’s musical destinations! Please note [Read More…]

Uncommon Ground

As the culture of the Wild Goose Festival unfolds, it’s becoming clear that one of the things we value is uncommon ground. We’re seeking to bring together a diverse community of creative people and idea leaders whose ethos and work does not fit neatly into the Left/Right, evangelical/mainline boxes that our soundbiting media tends to inflict [Read More…]

Two Wild Goose Contributors Spend the Night in Jail

North Carolina, host state for the inaugural Wild Goose Festival, has many things going for it. We’re beautiful, with our trees, mountains, and beaches. And we’re one of the fastest-growing states in the U.S., attracting a host of artists, doctors, technologists, educators and entrepreneurs. But not all is well in our great state. Homelessness remains endemic; re-segregation [Read More…]

The Psalters are a Force of Nature. Get Caught at the Goose!

If you haven’t already heard, we want to let you know that the PSALTERS are going to be rocking the stage at Wild Goose! The Psalters are a genre unto themselves, defying easy categorization. A Philadelphia Weekly writer describes them thus: I’m…watching the Psalters celebrate rootlessness and internationalism, mixing radical Christian propaganda with multiethnic polyrhythms and neo-Dickensian [Read More…]

The Transformative Power of Questions – Elissa Elliott

Not too long ago, a family member told me, in hushed sad tones, that he was praying for me.  I wasn’t ill.  I wasn’t going through a tough time.  No, I had simply expressed doubts about a steadfast tenet of Christian faith.  Mind you, I had not said I believed my alternate supposition; I had [Read More…]

Goose Around the Web

In recent weeks we’ve had a flurry of friends of the Festival (trying saying that five times fast!) sharing their Wild Goose anticipations via blog and video. Here’s a taste: We are very aware that it will not be the perfect gathering of people that will solve the entire cadre world’s problems and bring ultimate cosmic [Read More…]

Cry for Justice – Andy Scott

“Violence Triggered by Arson Attack on Cairo Church.” “Christians Targeted in Iraq.” “Is Islam the Problem?” “Coptic Christian Protesters Block Main Highways in Egyptian Capital.” “Vatican Condemns Killing of Christian Official in Pakistan.” These are just a few examples of international headlines concerning the recent turmoil in the Middle East. As the 24-hour news cycle [Read More…]

The Gift of Tears – Hugh Hollowell

Several years ago, I was speaking at an event. It was a large secular audience, so I gave my mostly secular talk. In that talk, I mentioned I run a faith based organization. I also used the example of gay marriage as a way that relationships change how we feel about “the other.” That is really [Read More…]

Playing in the Dirt: Kester Brewin

As a someone who’s spend a lot of time at Greenbelt and other festivals, I’m drawing to thinking about how what Wild Goose is actually going to look like, and feel like. How a site is set up can say a huge amount about the values of an event, whether that be a Presidential inauguration or a weekend camping. So one thing I’m hoping [Read More…]

A Quiet Conspiracy – Tom Sine

I’ve had the delight of participating at Greenbelt five or six times over the past 20 years. I’m so grateful to God that the art, music, spontaneous celebrations and prophetic voices that have characterized the UK’s premier gathering are now coming to the United States. There’s nothing like this justice-art-music-spirituality festival in America. Now is a good time for this event. [Read More…]

Naked Emperors, Undead Christians, & Seedling Signs

What does it take to build an authentic and substantial social and spiritual movement in the 21st century? We love it when friends “get” what we’re about, and want to work with us to accomplish precisely this. The Mennonite Weekly Review published a piece about the Wild Goose Festival and our connection with the Greenbelt Festival in [Read More…]

Why People of Color Should Be At the Wild Goose Festival – Melvin Bray

Why People of Color Should Be At the Wild Goose Festival by Melvin ‘The Token Space-holder’ Bray My appeal is simple.  People of color must involve themselves with the Wild Goose Festival otherwise the color balance in all the photos will be off! Yes, seriously, I believe that in due season the Wild Goose will change [Read More…]

Dancing in the Streets! – Ian Cron

My alarm clock randomly selected the Martha and the Vandellas song Dancing in the Streets to wake me at 5:00am this morning. My first two thoughts of the day were that the sound of the snare drum on that song is supernaturally amazing, and secondly, the Wild Goose Festival is only 43 days away! I [Read More…]