I’m a Christian! I’m a Christian! – A Reading from ‘Insurrection’ by Peter Rollins

Friend of Wild Goose, Peter Rollins, continues to generate debate and acclaim from his recent release Insurrection. We’re pleased to present this modern-day parable, extracted from it: Every Sunday the pastor would stand at the front of his Church and with a booming voice finish his rousing sermon with a plea: “Each week I go [Read More…]

The Transformative Power of Questions – Elissa Elliott

Not too long ago, a family member told me, in hushed sad tones, that he was praying for me.  I wasn’t ill.  I wasn’t going through a tough time.  No, I had simply expressed doubts about a steadfast tenet of Christian faith.  Mind you, I had not said I believed my alternate supposition; I had [Read More…]