The Goose on Today’s Most Burning Issues – Gareth Higgins

“What does Wild Goose think about [issue/movement/idea} XYZ..?” People ask this all the time. It’s a valid question, and the answer(s) aren’t so simple.  For one thing, we’re just getting started and while we hope to build a better festival each year – we never went into this thinking that we had all the answers.  In fact, for most of [Read More…]

Real Peace in Our Time – Gareth Higgins

When I was growing up, I was always afraid of violence.  Northern Ireland was a European centre of politically-motivated killing for most of my childhood.  Politicians and public officials were killed all the time.  Political activists who espoused violence were often killed too.  And people who had no direct involvement in either politics or violence [Read More…]

Goose Around the Web

In recent weeks we’ve had a flurry of friends of the Festival (trying saying that five times fast!) sharing their Wild Goose anticipations via blog and video. Here’s a taste: We are very aware that it will not be the perfect gathering of people that will solve the entire cadre world’s problems and bring ultimate cosmic [Read More…]