Naked Emperors, Undead Christians, & Seedling Signs

What does it take to build an authentic and substantial social and spiritual movement in the 21st century? We love it when friends “get” what we’re about, and want to work with us to accomplish precisely this. The Mennonite Weekly Review published a piece about the Wild Goose Festival and our connection with the Greenbelt Festival in [Read More…]

"Revenge Is Not the Way" – John Dear on the Killing of Bin Laden

We’re proud to have John Dear contributing to the Wild Goose Festival, of which he’s said “I don’t know precisely what our goal for Wild Goose is—but I hope it will be to help promote the abolition of war, poverty, nuclear weapons, environmental destruction–and all forms of violence, and so to welcome God’s reign….. [let’s] [Read More…]

Do I Deny the Resurrection? Hugh Hollowell

Occasionally I get emails demanding to know my stance on a particular piece of “historic orthodoxy”. People wonder about my view of hell, or who I think Jesus was or if I think there will be a second coming. Since the controversy over Rob Bell’s latest book (which happens to have the same name as [Read More…]