Real Peace in Our Time – Gareth Higgins

When I was growing up, I was always afraid of violence.  Northern Ireland was a European centre of politically-motivated killing for most of my childhood.  Politicians and public officials were killed all the time.  Political activists who espoused violence were often killed too.  And people who had no direct involvement in either politics or violence [Read More…]

Watch: Derek Webb on the Wild Goose Festival!

Derek Webb wears many hats: Artist, pop theologian, songwriter, agent provocateur. A veteran of the Dove Award-winning, CCM chart-topping band Caedmon’s Call, Derek parted ways for a season in 2003 to chart his own path, releasing a number of albums including Mockingbird, Stockholm Syndrome and Feedback. Spanning genres from rock to folk to electronica and [Read More…]

"Revenge Is Not the Way" – John Dear on the Killing of Bin Laden

We’re proud to have John Dear contributing to the Wild Goose Festival, of which he’s said “I don’t know precisely what our goal for Wild Goose is—but I hope it will be to help promote the abolition of war, poverty, nuclear weapons, environmental destruction–and all forms of violence, and so to welcome God’s reign….. [let’s] [Read More…]