Art & Connections – Todd Thomas

The Making Art sessions at the Wild Goose Festival were memorable for many reasons. The creative connections happening across generations and continents, and the conversations about both making art and interacting with scripture made it all worthwhile. Our connections were felt across generations as age barriers seemed less important and even the local accents blended [Read More…]

The Language of Art, Music, Spirituality and Justice – Linda Alvarez

I love that this gathering is described as festival of Justice, Spirituality, Music & Art.  As an attorney, I work in a world where my innate sense of justice daily collides with the system we’ve invented to try and serve Justice.  Thus, I am drawn to this gathering by the inclusion of “Justice” in the [Read More…]

What I *Don't* Want out of the Wild Goose Festival – Shane Claiborne

I am proud to have been part of this shin-dig from its inception… and am so excited to see it being born.  Here are a few of my hopes for the ole Wild Goose Festival.   I hope it is….. A celebration of art, creativity, and prophetic imagination A showcasing of fantastic Kingdom-minded projects and missional [Read More…]