Spiritual But Not Religious: Anne Rice, Christianity, and Wild Goose Culture

The Wild Goose Festival seeks to be a place where people of faith and people who struggle with faith (which might be all of us?) can wrestle together with what it means to be people who live at the intersection of justice, creativity, and spirituality in the 21st century. This is a conversation our larger [Read More…]

Taking Flight at Wild Goose – Cynthia Lagrou

Last year I had the opportunity to produce a collaborative book project – Taking Flight. Contributors include Jimmy Carter, Frank Viola, Vaun Swanson, Linda Mader, and many other wise and thoughtful voices.  When German artist, Stephanie Eatherly, submitted stunning cover art with two wild geese, it was completely unexpected.  A Google search revealed that wild [Read More…]

Uncommon Ground

As the culture of the Wild Goose Festival unfolds, it’s becoming clear that one of the things we value is uncommon ground. We’re seeking to bring together a diverse community of creative people and idea leaders whose ethos and work does not fit neatly into the Left/Right, evangelical/mainline boxes that our soundbiting media tends to inflict [Read More…]