An Independent Wild Hunt

We at the Patheos Pagan channel bid The Wild Hunt much luck in its new phase as an independent website. To catch the latest from TWH, please check out!--Christine Kraemer, Managing Editor, Patheos Pagan Channel … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Circles of Meaning, Labyrinths of Fear

[Brendan Myers, Ph.D., is the author of numerous books on mythology, philosophy, ethics, and culture. As far as he’s aware, he is the only openly-pagan philosophy professor in the entire world. Originally from a small town in Ontario, Canada, he now lives in Quebec, where the beer is much better.  The following is an excerpt from his forthcoming book, “Circles of Meaning, Labyrinths of Fear”.]Our world is utterly saturated with fear. We fear being attacked by religious extremists, both foreign and domestic. We fear the loss of political rights, a loss of privacy, or a loss of freedom. We fear being injured, robbed or attacked, being judged by others, or neglected, or left unloved. We fear … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Held in the Light of Stars

[Pagan since the late ’80s, Cat Chapin-Bishop has also been Quaker since 2001. Cat is the primary author at the Quaker Pagan Reflections blog, as well as the former Chair of Cherry Hill Seminary’s Pastoral Counseling Department, and her writing has appeared in Laura Wildman’s Celebrating the Pagan Soul, The Pomegranate: The Journal of Pagan Studies, the Covenant of the Goddess newsletter, and at No Unsacred Place. ] Pagans are the best of spiritual communities; Pagans are the worst of spiritual communities.Flashback to a room lit by candles and gently wrapped in incense and the braided sound of chanting.  The light gleams on the warm colors of skin and the wood, steel, silver … [Read more...]

Officers of Avalon Responds to Police Violence in Occupy Movement

Peter Dybing and Officers of Avalon have responded to police violence in the Occupy Movement: Over the past several days the membership of Officers of Avalon has become highly concerned with both the images of police actions at Occupy sites and the discussion within the Pagan community about these events. This leaves the organization in the precarious situation of having to find a way to support freedom of expression, arguably a Pagan value, and also support our fellow officers.For most of the last two months police and the Occupy movement has coexisted in a mostly peaceable atmosphere. Over the last week political leaders across the country made decisions to confront the protesters by … [Read more...]