A Pagan Appreciation of Gore Vidal (1925 – 2012)

Famed American author, essayist, public intellectual, and gleeful bomb-thrower Gore Vidal died on Tuesday from pneumonia at the age of 86. While Vidal's mind often turned towards the conspiratorial later in life (causing some to dismiss his contributions entirely), his output as a whole has been widely praised for its wit, insight, willingness to cross boundaries, and fearlessness.  Right now obituaries, remembrances, and tributes are pouring out to this lion of letters, but I thought it would b … [Read more...]

Guest Post: In Praise of the Apostate

[The following is a guest post from Eric Scott. Eric Scott is a second-generation Wiccan, raised in the St. Louis-based coven Pleiades. He writes about paganism for Patheos in his Family Traditions column, and also serves as a contributing editor at Killing the Buddha. His fiction and memoir have appeared in The Scribing Ibis, Caper Literary Journal, and Ashé! Journal. He used to sing in a Taoist glam rock band. Find him on Facebook and Twitter.]Today marks 1,650 years since Julian the Aposta … [Read more...]