Buncombe County School Blinks in Pagan Inclusion Test

On December 20th, I reported that a Pagan, Ginger Strivelli, was challenging her son’s school in Buncombe County, North Carolina on allowing the distribution of Bibles, claiming that the manner of distribution crossed the line into unconstitutional endorsement. Strivelli, and noted North Carolina Pagan activist Byron Ballard, decided they would test the supposedly open-door policy for the distribution of religious materials as asserted by principal Jackie Byerly of North Windy Ridge school. “Jackie Byerly, principal at North Windy Ridge, defended the availability of the Bibles. She said they were not handed out, and students had the option to take them. She checked with Superintendent Tony B … [Read more...]

Off to FaerieCon (plus some news links)

Tomorrow I'll be on a flight to Maryland for the 2011 FaerieCon event, at which I'll be conducting interviews, taking pictures, and moderating panel discussions (in addition to seeing Qntal in concert).Since I'm not sure I'll have enough time to blog properly while also covering the event, I've arranged a variety of guest-posters during my absence to keep the lights on here at The Wild Hunt. Tomorrow we'll be featuring a guest-post from Patheos columnist and Killing the Buddha Contributing Editor Eric Scott, and we have several other wonderful Pagan voices lined in the days to follow. Patheos Pagan Portal manager Star Foster will be behind the scenes making sure the trains run on … [Read more...]

Unleash the Hounds! (Link Roundup)

There are lots of articles and essays of interest to modern Pagans out there, sometimes more than I can write about in-depth in any given week. So The Wild Hunt must unleash the hounds in order to round them all up.As the Occupy Wall Street movement goes nationwide, bureau reporters from the Pagan Newswire Collective have been covering the protests from a Pagan perspective. PNC-Minnesota reporter Cara Schulz attends the OccupyMN protests and asks: "Who are the 99%". Meanwhile, Diana Rajchel interviews Aldous Tyler, a Pagan presidential hopeful who's aligning himself with the Occupy movement. At PNC-Washington DC they feature a guest post from local Pagan Nicole Franklin, who attended the … [Read more...]

Ministerial Exception and Minority Religions

On Wednesday the Supreme Court of the United States will hear a case that could have serious ramifications on what's known as "ministerial exception" at institutions run by religious organizations. Hosanna-Tabor Church v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission centers on a teacher at a Lutheran school who was fired due to a sleep disorder. The church is claiming that the teacher's position falls under ministerial exception, and is therefore exempt from any discrimination proceedings, while the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, backed by the Justice Department, feels that her role at the school was largely secular in nature, and shouldn't fall under the exceptions usually given to c … [Read more...]