The Blog Post About How There’s No Blog Post Today

Patheos (the official host of this blog) is making a grand shift in its design, and The Wild Hunt is scheduled to undergo "conversion" today (I'm sure it's nowhere near as sinister as that sounds). As such, I've been advised to not make any sudden moves or write posts that I would like to see preserved for the long term. So, there's no formal blog post today.That said, here's a few quick links you might want to check out today.Happy 95th Birthday to Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis! To Some Hindus, Modern Yoga Has Lost Its Way (by Margot Adler). Dar Williams has a new mythology-themed CD, "In The Time Of Gods", coming out April 17th. Here's an interview wi … [Read more...]

Funding Pagan Journalism One Event at a Time (Let’s Start With Chicago)

We live in an unparalleled and historic time for the evolution and growth of Pagan-oriented media, and the development of journalism within our interconnected communities. In the span of a decade we've gone from counting notable self-identified Pagan journalists on one hand, to watching the evolution of a grass-roots Pagan newswire project, and the emergence of a vibrant and unprecedented interview culture thanks to podcasts and Internet radio. I've been truly blessed, through The Wild Hunt, to be a participant, booster, and  direct beneficiary of this phenomenon. I've been an ardent evangelizer for the power of new media within our community, and I'm always looking for new ways Pagan journa … [Read more...]

Quick Note: Today’s Post Delayed

Greetings! I've been on an assortment of planes and trains today on my way home from Hexenfest (more on that later), so today's post at The Wild Hunt won't appear until later this evening. Thanks for your patience and understanding.Until I get back, consider this an open thread to discuss whatever you'd like (in a civil manner, of course). … [Read more...]

The Wild Hunt Joins Patheos

When thinking about The Wild Hunt, the question I always ask myself is "What's next?" How can I build on what I've done so far, and expand it to new audiences? How can I make my work sustainable? How can I bring the most good to the many communities I report on and for? After months of talks, consultations, and soul-searching, I've decided on a new path for this site - one that I think is exciting, and that opens up new realms of possibilities for the future of Pagan media. Starting tomorrow, The Wild Hunt will be transitioning over to the religious dialog and news site, This move will obviously raise many questions and concerns, so I'd like to address them now, and share my … [Read more...]