Update 4:15 pm CST: Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in court today in front of a Federal Judge. In a statement to the court, he told the judge he committed the crimes “in coordination and at the direction” of a Presidential Candidate. The crimes he referred to were a payment made of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels and a payment of $150,000 to the National Enquirer. Cohen admitted to the court that the payments were made to suppress damaging information from influencing… Read more

  Recently I shared a story about my childhood priest. I located my community priest’s name on a list of priests accused of committing sexual assaults or abuses against children or members.  A reader suggested I provide resources to my readers on how to locate abusive priests. I believe that if more Catholics researched their dioceses, they would realize problem priests are not a minority in the church. I will provide details on how to locate problem priests in your area…. Read more

  The Catholic Church sex abuse scandal is erupting all over the country. I have written extensively on the scandal since it broke last week. Throughout I have received consistent feedback from Catholics that these crimes are abnormal and didn’t happen in their churches. I believed them because as a former member I also knew no one affected by the scandals. Then it occurred to me that I might know either a victim or a priest involved in the scandal…. Read more

  The Catholic Church has a scandal of massive proportions on their hands. Across the country, dioceses are under attack by law enforcement, as more and more victims seek justice for the crimes of the clergy. Of course with the revelations Bishops across the country are writing letters to their priests to cry foul against the abuse. A Bishop out of Madison, Wisconsin, Robert Molino, blames the “homosexual subculture” of the priesthood as the reason for the widespread abuse. The… Read more

  I am an adult with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  My psychologist officially diagnosed me with combined type ADHD. Combined type ADHD means I have a reduced attention span and hyperactive behaviors. My doctor prescribed me medications to help me manage my panic disorders, improve my focus, and improve my impulse control. For the first time in my whole life, I felt calm, confident and capable. Looking back on my childhood, I realized how much ADHD impacted my childhood…. Read more

  For the past almost six years, I have been raising an amazing little boy. My son has beautiful brown eyes and gorgeous eyelashes. His cheeks are full, and he has two adorable dimples. Dinosaurs, trucks, cars, paw patrol, and transformers are his toys of choice. My son greets all people with a huge smile and a hug. In addition to those beautiful attributes, my son also has numerous medical conditions that disrupt his happiness. Many days he feels too… Read more

  Growing up in the Catholic Church is akin to being beaten with a stick every single day. Every day Catholic children are reminded of what is wrong with them. They learn from a young age that everything fun in life can be equated to sin. Believing in God is not a ticket to heaven for Catholics. Catholics must refrain from all mortal sins to get to heaven. Ten sins are so ridiculous many Catholics can’t go a day without… Read more

  A few days ago we released the five worst states in the nation for public education. Today we share the ten best states for public education. After I posted the article on the worst states, the communications director of WalletHub contacted me to thank me for using them as a source. To continue to help parents learn more, they provided me with detailed metrics of the ten states with the best public education in the nation. Wallethub reviewed parameters… Read more

  The dog days of summer are upon us and temperatures are heating up. Temperatures around the country are high, and right now parents need to be extra careful with their kids. With that said, The Times-Picayune reports a woman in Louisana decided on Sunday to leave her 11-month and 3-year-old child in the car unattended. When a good Samaritan rescued the children, the mother physically attacked them. Shawnise Sherman, 22, arrived at a strip mall around noon on Sunday…. Read more

  Yesterday I watched the news as the Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania detailed a grand jury report against the Catholic Church. As a former Catholic, my heart pained listening to the allegations of sexual abuse, rape, and the massive cover-up of the church. More than 300 Priests were credibly accused in the abuse of more than 1000 children. Bishops and Cardinals in the church lead a massive cover-up to protect the church. The Attorney General noted this… Read more

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