For the past almost six years, I have been raising an amazing little boy. My son has beautiful brown eyes and gorgeous eyelashes. His cheeks are full, and he has two adorable dimples. Dinosaurs, trucks, cars, paw patrol, and transformers are his toys of choice. My son greets all people with a huge smile and a hug. In addition to those beautiful attributes, my son also has numerous medical conditions that disrupt his happiness. Many days he feels too… Read more

  Growing up in the Catholic Church is akin to being beaten with a stick every single day. Every day Catholic children are reminded of what is wrong with them. They learn from a young age that everything fun in life can be equated to sin. Believing in God is not a ticket to heaven for Catholics. Catholics must refrain from all mortal sins to get to heaven. Ten sins are so ridiculous many Catholics can’t go a day without… Read more

  A few days ago we released the five worst states in the nation for public education. Today we share the ten best states for public education. After I posted the article on the worst states, the communications director of WalletHub contacted me to thank me for using them as a source. To continue to help parents learn more, they provided me with detailed metrics of the ten states with the best public education in the nation. Wallethub reviewed parameters… Read more

  The dog days of summer are upon us and temperatures are heating up. Temperatures around the country are high, and right now parents need to be extra careful with their kids. With that said, The Times-Picayune reports a woman in Louisana decided on Sunday to leave her 11-month and 3-year-old child in the car unattended. When a good Samaritan rescued the children, the mother physically attacked them. Shawnise Sherman, 22, arrived at a strip mall around noon on Sunday…. Read more

  Yesterday I watched the news as the Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania detailed a grand jury report against the Catholic Church. As a former Catholic, my heart pained listening to the allegations of sexual abuse, rape, and the massive cover-up of the church. More than 300 Priests were credibly accused in the abuse of more than 1000 children. Bishops and Cardinals in the church lead a massive cover-up to protect the church. The Attorney General noted this… Read more

  In 2005, my grandfather passed away after a long battle with Congestive Heart Failure. I never had a close relationship with my grandfather. However, his death marked the first time I experienced the death of a loved one. My grandmother and her daughters arranged his funeral at the local Catholic Church they attended for decades. The church is in the middle of a neighborhood. While the church is large, the community around gives it a small feel. His funeral… Read more

  Back to school is right around the corner. For many families, this fall will be the first time they send their child to school. The U.S. Department of Education oversees all public education in the nation. However, not all states are created equally in how they manage and fund public education. WalletHub surveyed all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  The study researched multiple areas to determine the overall quality and safety of students. Then they gave overall… Read more

  When I was a child, I will never forget the first time I had to go to confession. At seven years old, a Priest instructed me that I was born a sinner. Naturally, I wanted to know what made me a sinner. The Priest bluntly told me I was a sinner by being born. Next, he instructed me to confess my sins to him. I remember feeling confused by his request. At age seven, I didn’t have a laundry… Read more

  In the pet world, there are dog people and cat people. I have two dogs and three cats. There are advantages and disadvantages to both animals. Dogs are loyal and loving companions. They require a lot of attention, walking, grooming, and care to keep them happy. Owners of dogs will tell anyone listening that cats are inferior to dogs as furry friends. Myths persist about owning cats that aren’t entirely accurate. Cats are said to be aloof, indifferent, unaffectionate,… Read more

  Recently I shared the dirty secrets of purebred dogs. In the article, I discussed the horrors of commercial run puppy mills. Puppy mills and commercial breeders do an excellent job of selling cute puppies. However, the puppies are sick, have poor genetics, and temperament issues. Due to the lack of medical care and attention to genetics by breeders, some breeds are sicker than others. I scoured the internet to find a list of the most unhealthy purebred dogs. I… Read more

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